Lantern in a nutshell is a living universe pbbg rpg with a rule time map for movement and combat with other players and monsters.

Now, let me explain in a little more detail what it is mean by some of what I have mentioned above.

A living universe implies that a players actions in the game will effect the game world for other players. And I don’t mean by this that players will change rank or beat them in a battle. I mean that players have the opportunity to alter the games story for everyone else playing it by completing quests that only one party can achieve. This in and off itself is a large undertaking requiring a large developed world, a massive amount of story and the ability to allow players to make a large range of decisions.

  1. Hi there!

    This is great… your approach to player influence in your world is just what I looking for. Let me explain to you.

    All my life I played pen & paper RPG (or TRUE RPG, as I prefer to call), but also liked to play videogames and internet games. Nowadays we can see a log of browser-based games that are nice, but lack of the interaction of a true RPG.

    Well, I'm willing to correct that, making a more interactive game that looks more like a pen & paper RPG, with the simplicity of a web game. I just started to acquire knowledge on programming PHP to do so… but is a long walk. I'm already a web designer with a lot of experience in graphic design, html and css, but since I didn't found any engine that fits my desires, I must learn to program to do so…

    In my quest to become a programmer, I found your website and your amazing tutorials, but my real surprise was to find the Lantern page and discover that you also have a different approach to web gaming. Your idea of making the scenario change on player's actions is awesome and is just what I'm looking for.

    I have some great ideas in this aspect too and can contribute with design, content and planning, if you want (and need) to.

    Please, contact me so we can talk about this.


    Douglas d'Aquino

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