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Lately I’ve been doing a lot of Objective-C development for mobile and also took interest in AltCoins (BitCoin, LiteCoin, etc). After google’ing around for about 15 seconds I couldn’t find a menu ticker to show me the current prices of the coins I’m interested in.

So I said screw it and made one.  This was my first attempt at making a native desktop app.

If you’ve ever have done mobile ObjectiveC dev, there is very little difference. The biggest difference is the change in class prefix; UI on iOS, NS on OSX.

Other then that, it’s business as usual. Installed my libs through cocoapods, and  using xibs for layouts/popups.

The most interesting challenge I’ve encountered so far is not directly related to the app, but a language oddity. Coming from AS3 and C#, I use a lot of events. Events in ObjC, Notifications, are not nice. At least this is what my reading has told me. They message all living objects which can be heavy. StalkCoin though is not a large app, but I don’t like the idea of using them.

An alternative is to use delegates or blocks.  And I use this approach a lot in my other apps, but it still doesn’t sit right with me. What I really want is something like as3-signals.  Or C#Messenger. Perhaps I should bite the bullet and port one of this libraries to ObjectiveC.

Any who, it’s available for download now! You can grab it from the here:

As I work on it I’ll delve more into what I like/dislike and whatever else is interesting.

XCode shortcuts

Since I’ve been doing a bit of ObjectiveC lately I’ve been stuck in XCode and coming from better IDEs (IntelliJ; and yes I know about AppCode but I don’t have a license) I’ve become very accustomed to a certain workflow that I’ve had difficulty reproducing.

But recently I took some time and found a few of the shortcuts that I *need* which decrease my reliance on my mouse


  • Quick Open: cmd+shift+o
  • Jump to: cmd+ctrl+click
  • Jump to in new tab: cmd+alt+click
  • Switch tabs: cmd+shift+ { or }
  • Global Find: cmd+shift+f


Still haven’t found a shortcut for quick refactoring so if you know of one please share.


Robert Jordan – You will be missed

Yesterday one of the greatest fantasy writers of our time has passed away, leaving millions of fans in a state of confusion and  sadness. And I myself am one of those fans. As the author of Wheel of Time, Jordan captured our imagines and lead us through a beautiful, indepth world where characters didn’t just exist on paper, but it felt like they actually  lived. That was the power of his creative brilliance.

He will be greatly missed, and not just because he didn’t finish the last book in his 12 book series which has been running for 17 years now.  Though since I didn’t know him, I will mainly miss him for his writing and thoughts on the genre.

Let’s hope, not just or the sake of his fans, but for honor to his creative genius that his latest and final WoT entry will be completed.