An opensource AltCoin ticker for OSX. Reports prices for several coins from several popular exchanges.

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Litecoin: LVFwvucM5mTdFKxfgfQbMEqaC7rE3tncEM

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Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 12.43.19 PM


v 0.2

  • Major code overhaul
  • Several new exchanges and coins
  • OSX 10.8+ support only. This is a requirement to use the latest AFNetworking library

v 0.1.1

  • On runs on OSX 10.6 +

v 0.1

  • Initial build


  • Add Mt.Gox support
  • Add Bitfinex support
  • Add exchange prefix to display
  • Add preferences screen to toggle exchanges
  • Figure out which exchanges support graph api’s
  • Figure out option for start on boot

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