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Through the comment left by Ranger Sheck on the previous post here at OpenBracket, I found a link to an extremely nice site focused on the design of PBBGs. Ranger Sheck’s home page is a blog about designing PBBGs in just the same vein of discussion as this blog. Some of his most recent posts include a post on interface design, statistics, and a nice javascript library for maps. I strongly suggest checking the site out and following it. To prove the authenticity of Ranger Sheck’s discussions, he is working with a team to design a role-playing PBBG called Pioneers of Aethora. I have been playing it recently and find it a quite satisfying game though still in development. As a side note, the game is being written in Ruby through the Rails framework. This is compelling for me as I am just beginning to learn Ruby on Rails and hope to write about my learning experience as it applies to game development right here at OpenBracket!

PS: My name is Jake and I am the ‘new guy.’ I will be posting a news article on a PHP PBBG engine soon as well as discussing database design. I look forward to a discussion with our readers here! And thanks for bringing me on board, bardicknowledge!


  1. Thanks for linking, Jake. Glad you find the site useful, and I hope others do too. The discussions that happen on OpenBracket and other sites have been great for allowing the relatively small numbers of PBBG enthusiasts to openly share information, philosophy, and encouragement. I'm happy to be both a consumer and a contributer in this unique and ever-expanding community.

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