Hello all!

Hello everyone, I am bardicknowledge, founder of this little blog.  Let me start by getting right to the point and saying what we are about here.

The idea that drives this blog is that as a community, we can help each other improve upon our browse based game or our table top games. I’m sure all of you developers out there, at one point in time, have been stuck, trying your damnedest to  think of the perfect way to have an action performed or how a rule should be applied, or what numbers should be used. This is part of the reason is blog exists: To help developers in need.

The second part is to raise the standard of games. Everyone wants their game to be the best, the most enjoyable to play, the most addicting. But how do we do that? How can we achieve this level of greatness? Well as a group, I hope to study others mistakes, figure out where they went wrong and how to improve upon that area.

So, interested yet?

Here’s the thing. I can’t do this all myself. I can’t tell everyone the details to every genre. I can’t give you the secrets to the perfect game. Sorry. But here is what I, actually, WE can do. WE can all work together to bring articles, links, code, anything, together here for others to review and comment on.

You may be saying, “how can I  help this community”. Well this is how. Go to the contact page, and my email is there. Send me an email with articles, links whatever. Just be sure to include your name so I can give you credit for your articles/code/finds.

I hope this has caught your interest and you will all come back to see what we can pull together.

Oh! I almost forgot! Have a game YOU made?  Send me of a email (contact page). I will be listing contributors games on a ‘Games’ page.  So make some comments, submit some content… be a regular and I will gladly link from here to your game ^_^


  1. Fixed the hidden pages 😛 They are now on the side bar.

    As to the brightest, I personally don't see a problem but I still couldn't change it 🙁 I haven't bought the pack that lets me edit the CSS.

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