Schedule and availability for design work – looking for another writer

Lately I have been getting email’s asking me to help create or design games. I am very honored that people are asking this of me, but I am busy with some other things first.

Currently I have coding my own project, which I think will take me about 2 months. I sadly do not have time to create code for others at the moment, but I am able to do design work.

If you would like me to do work for you, please check out the contact us page (see tab in banner). Use the email in there instead of posting a message. I will likely delete it.

On a total side note, I would like to see if there is any of the regular readers/posters out there that want to write for this blog. It can be technical (php/asp/cf/etc tips) or theory (like all my design based posts).  If you are intereste, leave a comment please.

And just a word on the next article. I hope to have it out tonight or tomorrow. It will be like the last one but this time about strategy games. Our discussion about RPG’s has given me lot’s of idea’s for posts, so I will hopefully have a steady stream for the next few weeks.


  1. This and previous posts have made me think there's a major opening for someone to start a "find coders for projects" site. Not like a pay site or anything, just a site where web game coders can meet to collab on a project.

    It would be great to be able to say: I need a project, let's go to the site and see if there's anything interesting cooking, or from the other side: I need a partner, all this coding is too much, let's see if there are any interested parties.

    Throw in a nice team blog from some varied and trusted writers, a discussion forum, and maybe a links page that has links to every game created through a collab on the site and you have yourself a really useful site. Slap on some ads and perhaps you also have yourself a business model.

    The key then becomes promoting it and making it useful. But I think it's definitely a good idea, if only I had the time to work on it.

  2. That sounds like a awesome idea Ben.

    I may very well look into this idea (if that is ok with you) after I finish my current coding project. But it is kind of similar to galaxy-news, but I think we could do it better with a bigger focus on hooking developers up with designers.

    edit: Check the latest post on the pbbg rpg post. lol. I think this idea could really take off.

  3. That would be great. I may even have some time to help you on it, depending on when I get past the current stage of my project (once we hit December or so I'll probably have more time).

    But I think it would make a lot of sense, be a great resource, and it would be fun to do some work on too.

    You say: "think we could do it better with a bigger focus on hooking developers up with designers." I would say not just developers with designers but developers with developers too. It would all be about getting people together to collaborate on projects.

    Also, I hadn't heard of galaxy-news – they seem like they're pretty good, they don't really have a pure focus though.

    (You seem to have your blogged linked up to theres – are you involved with them somehow? If so, that would present a great jumping off point, we could just work with them to edit that site.)

    Lastly, that comment you referred to is exactly what I'm talking about. Cool.

  4. All my big columns on here I post on galaxy news, though they don't want me advertising my blog.

    December would be a good time for me too I think. If I can meet my plan, I will finish the alpha stages of my game around the end of November, start of December.

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