How do you code?

When I sit down to code I usually have a pretty clear idea of how I want the program/function to work when I finish it. But I don’t just jump into it. What I normally do is start out the basics, using set variables. I then complete all the basic features, such as having the proper returns come out, or the proper fields update.

I will then make the script dynamic. Such as read all the incoming information from a database, or XML doc and that it is returning the information again to the proper place.

And then I put the polish onto the pieces such as tweaking equations, removing little bugs, making it look pretty, etc etc.

So how do you generally go about writing a script? Do you jump in with all the advance features from the start or do you do it slowly like me? Or do you have another way?


  1. I don't really know how to describe it, but I don't think I have as much planning as you. I work out in my head how I want the script to work, and then I dive in. Usually if I think it will be buggy, I work a bit in layers like you describe – put in the basic layer, make sure that works, put in the next layer, make sure that works, etc. But it's not as structured of a process as you seem to describe.

  2. I code in .NET, which is an object oriented language, so I usually need to layout the basic structure of my object model before I write any code. Methods/functions get added as needed to objects and object get refactored throughout the process based on what I thought would happen or work and what actually does happen and work. 🙂

  3. lol. I think I take things so slowly in steps like that because of my lack of experience. I have only really been doing serious coding for 6 months now.

    Before that I did little things, but nothing scale I do stuff now.

    Another question for ya's. Do you try to build your script / objects as independently as possible from the script? I have been trying to script my scripts/functions/objects etc to be their now little world and then I all need to pretty much to afterwards is drag and drop.

  4. I abstract things for re-use as needed. I have re-usable libraries for database connectivity, I wrote some server controls I sue in my games for rendering stat bars, etc. and I made them generic enough for re-use and am re-using them.

    As for other game objects/functions, just depends, I typically write in a modular fashion anyway. Long gone are the days when I would write a 1200 line function. 🙂

  5. I tend to throw concept code together to prove individual aspects of the bigger program. Once I know they work as expected, I break them into reusable functions and fit them into an overarching shell.

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