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This is in response to a comment on another thread and always to all projects not just web game development. If you code, this may be helpful.

I do rather code intensive ActionScript projects at work and I find the best way for me to actually manage my time and progress is do simply set goals. I build EVERYTHING in functions pretty much and this always me to not only to quickly update and manage code, but allows me to manage my time and progress easier.

What I do is set a goal, and work in a very linear fashion. I start with the base function, then the menu, then the images, then the animations. This works out very similar for a game too. Start with login in, player home page, inventory, item info, player info, befriending,  mail, attack,  etc etc.

And then you can even break some of those pages down into functions themselves and you can set a path for you  to follow through it. My problem before doing things this way of using functions and setting a path, was getting overwhelmed and trying to figure out what to do next.

If you want to take it a step further you can plan out your path on paper or use some software to do it. Another thing I do, and I find this saves me much time and frustration, is that I work on functions, not pages at a time. So I may need to write 3 functions, each approximately taking 45 minutes to write. I write a function, take a break, get a drink, then next function, break, eat, whatever and if I see I only have 30 minutes before I need to leave and I know it’s going to take me an hour or 2 for the next one, I usually will put it off until I have time and hop to a quicker one or call it for the day.

If ya push yourself too much you’ll get frustrated and won’t want to work on the project. So take your time, think out a path and things will go much smoother. Chances are you’ll actually save time takes all those breaks, because I know when I get frustrated I start going in mental circles and write sloppy code. So I find it easier to walk away and when I come back calm.

I hope that answered the question  ^_^

PS: I used writing this post for a break from a script I am writing at the moment. Now I can go back to it calm and with a clear mind 😛


  1. I usually will tackle one major thing at a time, in a linear fashion, however, I don't take the frequent breaks that I should. I've lost many hours of sleep pondering some stupid issue until I figured out that my brain works better in the morning and just going to sleep at a reasonable hour I can usually wake up with a solution.

    Bardic, you program ActionScript at work, do you do graphics as well? I have started building a flash multiplayer game. I did a lot stuff in flash a few years back, when MX was new.

    I have flash 8 and I got a socket server working in C#. So far things are working pretty good. Just wondering if you've ever worked in flash for games in a multiplayer setting?

  2. @ swift Yup ^_^ lol. Hope it was helpful

    @ Cameron I have done graphics before. My first diploma was in graphic design before I took web development but it has been 2ish years. As for doing that type of stuff in ActionScript, sadly I haven't. I only started writting AS 3 months ago when I got this job lol.

    But I am pretty good, and have been meaning to learn interconnectivity with servers. I was thinking about just making a simple little game after I finish the strat I'm working on (php/mysql) though to test the waters.

  3. I got my Flash movie talking with my C# server, going to do some more testing over the next couple of days but I will let know how it goes. 🙂

  4. it was a great help, thanks a lot. I finished designing my databases for character and players and developing a character object. So my next step is the login system, Im having some trouble with sessions, but hopefully ill figure it out quickly.

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