Lantern's Market

I would like to explore and get some thoughts out of my head on this topic.  But before I get too far into this, I should first explain a little about Lantern’s item system, crafting, questing, rare items and in general how they are collected.

A feature that hasn’t been fully scoped out yet, but roughly exists in my head is the crafting system for lantern (another post later) which will rely heavily on a rather different stat system, but that’s another post as well. The crafting system will be similar to that you find in many other games when it comes to the end result. Players will be able to create items from raw materials to sell. The big difference is if I make a sword and you make a sword, these swords could end up being very different.  The quality of the sword, it’s bonuses and other attributes will depend on the maker. For the market this means that items won’t all be priced the same and players will need to figure out what is attributes are  valued when making and buying certain items.

The next interesting note is there will only be a handful of NPC’s that sell items. Most of the items in the game will end up being player made.

A third factor is that this game will maintain a living universe. This means that rare drops from a certain boss/challenge will likely only happen the once. This means there will actually be items in the game that only one person will ever have.

Fourthly with monsters having limited to no drops a player will almost be forced to play the market to make money. That’s right. No grinding for loot. You can grind for everything else but that 😛

And finally, markets will be localized. What I mean by this is that if you put an item for sale in a town ‘a’, those in town ‘b’ can’t see it. The issue with this, if I want the system to remain logical, is how the player can have an item on sale in town if they aren’t there? A few story idea’s have crossed my mind, but the one I think I’m going to go with is a group who offers you handle sales of items for a small percentage.

With all these different factors, my intention to allow the market to have the freedom to grow as it will (no imits on prices),  all players being able to craft to some extent and the ability to have players run a monopoly, I believe this could be a very interesting system.

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