Lantern Map

Look at this awesome map! Look at it!

This is a rough map I made in a few minutes for my friend William aka jetfx ( William is a cartographer, a world builder freak and an aspiring author. He will hopefully be helping me with my maps and story for Lantern as we move forward. Whenever he has a better map that the pretty epic one I drew, I’ll post it for you all to see.


William, being pretty damn quick, thought my map looked too crappy to share so he cleaned it up for me as you can see. I decided to leave mine so you can see how much better he is and why I’m pretty stoked he’s agreed to help.


  1. Thanks guys.

    @lolninja, we are attempting to make the make the match match how geography and towns would develop in reality. I know nothing of this, but my friend William, knows all about it.

    @Ryan thanks ^^ I was getting tired of the other one and was finding it difficult to read posts on it.

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