Random Encounters

Progress on Random Encounters, a mini-game of sorts that I am using as a test bed for some of my Lantern concepts, is slowly trucking along.  The game engine along with it’s content creation tools are almost complete. Skinning hasn’t been thought about yet, but the game itself is close.  Something that I need to do and haven’t yet is find a *cheap* host that will allow me to install mongo and nodejs.  Emphasis on cheap as I am broke.

Random Encounters for me is a test for mongo, some simple js. though the initial build won’t have it and some gameplay concepts that aren’t nessicairly related to lantern but ones I am playing with.

The game will constantly be in beta and will be my playground for new idea’s and tests.  After the current road map I have in mind is complete, which I will write down and post later, I will likely publish all the code for people to use if they have the urge to host a crappy game.

Anyways, here’s a little snippet of code for mongo to get a random record that took me a while to get working.


$numOfCreatures = $collection->count();
$ranCreatureId = floor(rand(0,$numOfCreatures-1));
$ranCreateObj = $collection->find()->limit(-1)->skip($ranCreatureId)->getNext();


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  1. Heroku.com is beta testing nodeJS support and mongohq.com now has a free account. The two combined may get you a nice little test environment.

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