Lantern Update

In my last post I was discussing Lantern’s combat and party system. These two features are very closely related to the map, which is going to be the main area of action in Lantern, so I have been thinking a lot about how to approach this map. I think from some discussions I have had with people in the #bbg irc room and with a few coworkers, I’m going to try to use nodejs for handling the communication and npc logic. From my understanding of nodejs (which is very limited so please correct me if I’m wrong) I can use it to push data to players that need it and create objects at run time on the server and run based on a timer. What I’m looking to do with this functionality is to run the npc’s logic independant of players input.  I’m pretty sure nodejs will allow me to do this. All I need to do is set up linux on a virtual machine and get everything all playing nicely together so I can continue to develop on my local machine.

But as I work on Lantern and think about, the need to a test bed is becoming more apparent to me. So to fix this need I’m going to take a quick break from Lantern to make myself a small game that I can use to test different parts of Lantern. This will range from Mongo scripts to game tools (for creating quests/items/etc). The scope of the test bed currently is very limited to the mongo scripts and the game tools. If I can think of a way to test nodejs in this that would be great, but for now, just testing some idea’s around those other elements would be enough. This small game test bed will be call Random Encounters. The game is exactly what it sounds like. You click a button and you encounter things. The game will suck, but it’s purpose is testing.  This small game will hopefully be online in the next few weeks. Work has be pretty busy of late, so I haven’t been able to look at anything lately.

So that’s where I am. If anyone can confirm or deny my thoughts on nodejs that would be great.

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