I know I could be writing about other things such as enusring the game in enjoyable for single users or a more technical issue such as cron jobs, but this has been bugging for me a bit. There are too many people out there that think IDEs are for suckers and that they are l33t because they script php in notepad or do all there html, xml, css, whatever also in notepad.

This doesn’t make you better than those that use IDEs. Actually it’s the opposite. Those of us that work in the web field know
that using an IDE is not only easier, but FAR more efficent. I have colored text, I have intellisense, auto completion, an eviroment that I can test code easily, tabs, better layout options and a number of other things.

I can almsot gurantee that if I and someone else were to write a scripts, me using an IDE and them using notepad, that I have cleaner code, and be done much faster.

So, now that little rant is out, what IDEs are ones that are worth buying/ stealing/ trying. But it really depends on what you want to code. If you want web languages (html,xml,css) Dreamweaver is by FAR the best. If you’re doing PHP/MySQL then you want Zend. ASP.NET is VisualBasic. For Java, get Netbeans. It’s great and free. Though I don’t like Java 😛

Personally I use Zend and Dreamweaver. I actually use Dreamweaver daily now. I also work in flash on a daily basis now writing actionscript. But I’m attempting to find a better IDE. Flash works but its not that great. If anyone knows one tell me.

So anyways, let’s wrap this up. USE A DAMN IDE! It will make life easier and make you more effiecent, which is a good thing. On a side note, sorry I have posted much lately. Started a new job so when everything settle downs I’ll start writing again.


  1. I use Visual Studio Team System for all my .NET related development. I could use notepad I suppose but then I would be spending hours writing out things I can have the IDE do for me, not to mention I would then need to write build scripts to build my projects, why not just have it all in one place. The more time you spend on mundane tasks the less time you have to write a quality application.

  2. That's absolutely true! I use netBeans for Java development (Java Enterprise) and it rocks.

    Don't forget Eclipse though. You can code pretty much anything with it. From Java and PHP to C/C++ to some obscure languages like COBOL. 😉

  3. Eclipse is a great alternative. I was using it for a while, but I personally found DW and Zend to offer more that I was looking for in an IDE.
    I personally get very picky over IDE's. If I can't tab a selected block of code, unisntall. If I don't have some form of auto completion and intellisense, uninstall.

    I should look into Eclipse again though. When I first tried it I didn't put any effort into setting it up with descent plugins.

    Thanks for the reply Cameron. I would love to have the time to learn .NET but unforunately I have to learn ActionScript, Flex and JavaScript at the moment.

  4. Come on, Bardic, you know I'd never use an IDE! 4|||) ! 4// //r3 1337!

    The idea behind it, though, is being able to have clean code without the help of the app. That gets really important when coding Operating Systems, Assembly Language, etc., because you have to play with the big boys in a bash shell a lot (nano FTW, by the way).


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