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Fastlane build numbers for Unity

Recently on a project, I came across a problem where the Fastlane Unity action I am using was blowing away the info.plist of the generated xcode project despite the Unity project being marked as “Append” instead of “Replace”. The reason this is a problem is we wanted each build to be uploaded to hockey app with a unique […]

Image pinch zoom and swipe in Unity

Currently, I am working on a glorified slideshow for an app that I am rebuilding in Unity. After very little effort on my part, I was unable to find a slideshow framework I liked or a plugin that handled input the way I wanted. So I just made it the way I wanted it to […]

Simply deploy and view Unity logs on Android

Having to plug your phone into your computer every time you want to test your game or app on android sucks. Luckily there is a simple way to do it. Add adb to your path variables. Connect your phone to your computer In terminal run: adb tcpip 5555 Disconnect phone Find phones IP address: Settings > About […]

Unnecessary phone permissions when build react native android

Yesterday when trying to release a simple app to the android store, I noticed that my apk was requesting phone permissions and this was requiring me to use a privacy policy on the play store. After some digging I came across this comment on the react native github page and it solves it for me. […]