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Simply deploy and view Unity logs on Android

Having to plug your phone into your computer every time you want to test your game or app on android sucks. Luckily there is a simple way to do it. Add adb to your path variables. Connect your phone to your computer In terminal run: adb tcpip 5555 Disconnect phone Find phones IP address: Settings > About […]

Git ‘cherry-pick’ individual file

Today the situation came up where I wanted the latest of a file in another branch. But only that file. Didn’t want to merge and reject so that get’s rid of cherrypick and merge as options. Luckily there is a way to do this just using the checkout command. [code]git checkout feature/meow Source/Cat.cs[/code]   Sauce :

Get a patch file from a github commit

Writing this mostly so I don’t forget. Let’s say you want a patch file of a particular commit, for example: Append .patch to the end of that ( ) and you have yourself a patch file! Source:

Getting started with HaxeFlixel

With Haxe gaining so much popularity, flash work declining and my want to make 2d games with a language I’m already fairly familiar with that I can publish to multiple platforms, I’ve decided that Haxe is the right move. With that decision I had to pick a game engine and it was really between Flambe […]


If you have ever done flash development, you quickly realize that the Flash IDE is the worse play to actually write code. It’s down right awful. So you look at other IDEs; FlashDevelop, FlashBuilder, FDT, IntelliJ. If you are like me you would likely have settled on IntelliJ. The team at Jetbrains just get it. […]