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Zork/MUD-like basic item structure

So at work the other day I was explaining Lantern to a buddy (@shamuspeveril) and we somehow got onto the topic of how well nodejs would work for a zork like game or a mud. Well, sure enough, with the idea stuck in my head I sat down today and tried to think through. Luckily I think this concept will apply well to what I hope to do with the Lantern server, so I don’t feel like I deviated too much from my path.

Lantern's Market

I would like to explore and get some thoughts out of my head on this topic.  But before I get too far into this, I should first explain a little about Lantern’s item system, crafting, questing, rare items and in general how they are collected. A feature that hasn’t been fully scoped out yet, but […]

Lantern Map

Look at this awesome map! Look at it! This is a rough map I made in a few minutes for my friend William aka jetfx ( William is a cartographer, a world builder freak and an aspiring author. He will hopefully be helping me with my maps and story for Lantern as we move forward. […]

Random Encounters

Progress on Random Encounters, a mini-game of sorts that I am using as a test bed for some of my Lantern concepts, is slowly trucking along.  The game engine along with it’s content creation tools are almost complete. Skinning hasn’t been thought about yet, but the game itself is close.  Something that I need to […]

Windows + VirtualBox + Ubuntu + nodejs = hooray!

As I’m sure some of my readers (all four of you) may know because of the IRC room, I’ve lately been trying to get nodejs running on a virtual machine (ubuntu since nodejs doesn’t like windows and I don’t want to virtualize osx) that is accessible from my host (windows) so I can use it […]

Lantern Update

In my last post I was discussing Lantern’s combat and party system. These two features are very closely related to the map, which is going to be the main area of action in Lantern, so I have been thinking a lot about how to approach this map. I think from some discussions I have had […]

Lantern Combat and Party System

The time has come, the walrus said, to speak of many things: of swords and clubs and player groups, of adventures and rings… Ah to hell with it. Let’s talk about how to create a party system for pbbg’s that doesn’t require players to be online, but is still interactive and fun, and killing things! […]

Monetizing Lantern

As I work on the gameplay and story for Lantern with my friend Lucas (who still doesn’t have any form of site), he mentioned an idea that I going to attempt to avoid for a little bit but now that it’s in my head I want to get my thoughts out about it. As I’ve […]

Recap : Alliance/Clan systems in PBBGs

This is the second half of my polls idea is to do recaps after a few days of voting and comments, where I discuss what I’ve been thinking after reading the comments and poll results and try to explain how my thoughts on the subject relate with the polls/comments or how I differ from them. […]

Question : Turn based or Unlimited play?

What do you prefer in a PBBG? Do you prefer the competitive edge that usually comes with turn based games (ex: You have 20 action points a day and every action your perform uses one limiting how much to can play a day?)  or are you more a fan of games that allows you to […]