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Unity missing custom initializers

One of the things I miss the most coming from Objective-C to Unity is the lack of custom initializers. Luckily-ish there is a way to kind of do this:   public class Meow() { public int x     public string name } new Meow{x = 10, name = “cat”}    

Fastlane build numbers for Unity

Recently on a project, I came across a problem where the Fastlane Unity action I am using was blowing away the info.plist of the generated xcode project despite the Unity project being marked as “Append” instead of “Replace”. The reason this is a problem is we wanted each build to be uploaded to hockey app with a unique […]

Image pinch zoom and swipe in Unity

Currently, I am working on a glorified slideshow for an app that I am rebuilding in Unity. After very little effort on my part, I was unable to find a slideshow framework I liked or a plugin that handled input the way I wanted. So I just made it the way I wanted it to […]

Simply deploy and view Unity logs on Android

Having to plug your phone into your computer every time you want to test your game or app on android sucks. Luckily there is a simple way to do it. Add adb to your path variables. Connect your phone to your computer In terminal run: adb tcpip 5555 Disconnect phone Find phones IP address: Settings > About […]

Grouping signals in StrangeIoC

Recently I have started relearning Unity3d and because I very much enjoy DI and IoC I’m also relearning StrangeIoC. Since I’ve last looked at Strange, Signals have been added. This makes me very happy being an old AS3 dev that <3’d Robotlegs and AS3Signals. Anywho, one “problem” with signals, that existed in flash as well, […]


Moving from Actionscript to Unity one of the things I missed the most was a framework like Robotlegs that has been the base for any as3 project I’ve done in the last year or two. Recently a buddy at work discovered StrangeIoC and I must say, it is awesome.  If you haven’t used and IoC […]

Unity development – 3rd party tools I couldn’t live without

For the last few months, I have primarily been doing only Unity work and have come to rely on a few third party tools every day: RageSpline Generate 2D vector graphics inside Unity Editor with bézier splines Fully adjustable colors and gradients + emboss styling Multi-texturing with easy texture positioning Automatic physics collider generation […]

JSONFX and Unity

Hey all. It’s been fucking ages since my last post, but maybe this time I’ll be able to keep this sucker going. But to hell with excuses and whatnot. On to the point! Recently I have been working with unity to build some games at work and decided to take a crack at a 2d […]