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Pen and Paper

I know this doesn’t exactly have to deal with web games, but I am wondering what everyones favorite pnp is. I am personally attempting to get my friends to start playing again and I would like to play¬†something¬†other than DND. We may be actually making our own if we can’t find one that suits us, […]

Starting a new design

It’s about that time again when you need to start to design a new game. Be it because your last design had flaws or that you finished coding it want to start on a new one. But anyway you look at it, you need to think of something new… something amazing! How do you do […]

Hello all!

Hello everyone, I am bardicknowledge, founder of this little blog.¬† Let me start by getting right to the point and saying what we are about here. The idea that drives this blog is that as a community, we can help each other improve upon our browse based game or our table top games. I’m sure […]