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Random Encounters

Progress on Random Encounters, a mini-game of sorts that I am using as a test bed for some of my Lantern concepts, is slowly trucking along.  The game engine along with it’s content creation tools are almost complete. Skinning hasn’t been thought about yet, but the game itself is close.  Something that I need to […]

Creating an items table

Today I tried to do a little work on my game but I got stuck on a table which I have been pondering about for a little while now but today it stopped me so I need to address it. In the game I am working on, players will have items, and will be able […]

Framework for PBBGs? – DB Planning

Good day all. I don’t know if I mentioned it here, but I am looking into creating a framework for PBBGs using PHP. This is not only to help myself create games but to make it easier others to start to create their own games. What the first problem you think of when you think […]

Player Controlled Economies and Player Created Items/Quests

Sorry for the long absence. I lost my job and fell into a nasty slump. Its just one thing after another… But anyways, this isn’t a blog about my life. It’s about PBBGs! And so lets get to it. As you can guess from the title, I am going to discuss player controlled economies and […]

New writer!

I would like to welcome a new writer to the blog! I have no idea what he plans on using for a handle yet so I can’t tell ya his name, but hopefully he will introduce himself *hint hint* With another writer now, we will hopefully be able to cover more area and do it […]

Happy Birthday OpenBracket!

A year ago today, I wrote my first post here. I never thought I would actually make a year or have people read and comment.  So in honor of OpenBrackets one year, I would ask that if all readers could have a drink, and take a picture of themselves with OpenBracket opened on their screen. […]

The 'tick'

This has been a rather popular post and seems to be a big question and topic of debate among developers. I, for one was confused about how to appoarch this when I first posted about it. But after reading comments made by people smarter than me, and learning more about databasing and scripting I feel […]


You may have already noticed the new page up there (^). It’s is what it sounds like and the page describes it as. Want to talk about things that haven’t been mentioned, ask for help etc, go post in the comments on that page.  The idea is to not just  have me guide the topics […]

Jobs page

Pretty much as it seems. You have a job related to PBBG design or development? Email me and I will post it on that page. There is a pretty weak example there since I don’t want to constrict people too much. Please try to keep the adds less then 500 characters though. Just for the […]