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I'm an awful blogger yes… But I'm back!?

Hey ya’ll! I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted, but I’m hoping to get back into the groove. With a recent move from Windows to Ubuntu, I lost a lot of my progress on my personal projects. I’ve also been very busy with work and spending as much time with my fiancee […]

SSH'ing into Ubuntu on Virtualbox from Windows to maintain my sanity

As my work on Lantern begins to leave testing tech and basic tests, my work flow quickly became shit where I was either developing code on windows and then having to move it to a shared folder or a usb, or attempting to develop on my virtual machine, which is far from fun. Luckily for […]

Today on the internet…

Today while sitting in the bbg IRC ( / #bbg) , an epic(!) battle occurred! lmaopirate has joined [11:56]    lmaopirate: ARRR ME HEARTIES [11:56]    lmaopirate fires a cannon at lolninja. [11:56]    roflsamurai: ahhhhh! [11:56]    lmaopirate has disconnected: Client Quit [11:57]    lolninja: lol wtf

Zork/MUD-like basic item structure

So at work the other day I was explaining Lantern to a buddy (@shamuspeveril) and we somehow got onto the topic of how well nodejs would work for a zork like game or a mud. Well, sure enough, with the idea stuck in my head I sat down today and tried to think through. Luckily I think this concept will apply well to what I hope to do with the Lantern server, so I don’t feel like I deviated too much from my path.

Updates to Openbracket

There have been a few changes here and a few more are on the way. Most notably is that here forward I will attempt to use excerpts to reduce the ‘wall of text’ that my blog was/is. Please let me know in the comments what you think of this change. If people like it I’ll keep it, otherwise I’ll revert. Another change that will be coming soon is a Lantern page where I will keep an updated overview of the game and it’s features.
Hope everyone likes these changes ^^

Lantern's Market

I would like to explore and get some thoughts out of my head on this topic.  But before I get too far into this, I should first explain a little about Lantern’s item system, crafting, questing, rare items and in general how they are collected. A feature that hasn’t been fully scoped out yet, but […]

Lantern's server to date

For Lantern I am going out of my comfort zone. Way out of my comfort zone and all of this is new to me, so this post is going to double as a way for me to remember what I’m doing and as a way to ask about improvements/suggestions for my set up. Firstly, I […]

Lantern version goals

Here’s my plan: v0.1 Player creatation/login Some sort of design – rough A working home page – This break down into: Inventory Player stats Equipable items A working map page Players can see other players on the map and move around Can engage in combat Map will update as players move Actual art and proper […]

Lantern Map

Look at this awesome map! Look at it! This is a rough map I made in a few minutes for my friend William aka jetfx ( William is a cartographer, a world builder freak and an aspiring author. He will hopefully be helping me with my maps and story for Lantern as we move forward. […]

Random Encounters

Progress on Random Encounters, a mini-game of sorts that I am using as a test bed for some of my Lantern concepts, is slowly trucking along.  The game engine along with it’s content creation tools are almost complete. Skinning hasn’t been thought about yet, but the game itself is close.  Something that I need to […]