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Lately I’ve been doing a lot of Objective-C development for mobile and also took interest in AltCoins (BitCoin, LiteCoin, etc). After google’ing around for about 15 seconds I couldn’t find a menu ticker to show me the current prices of the coins I’m interested in. So I said screw it and made one.  This was […]

XCode shortcuts

Since I’ve been doing a bit of ObjectiveC lately I’ve been stuck in XCode and coming from better IDEs (IntelliJ; and yes I know about AppCode but I don’t have a license) I’ve become very accustomed to a certain workflow that I’ve had difficulty reproducing. But recently I took some time and found a few […]

Robert Jordan – You will be missed Yesterday one of the greatest fantasy writers of our time has passed away, leaving millions of fans in a state of confusion and  sadness. And I myself am one of those fans. As the author of Wheel of Time, Jordan captured our imagines and lead us through a beautiful, indepth world where characters didn’t […]